Deeper Life Founder, Pastor Kumuyi Slams Church Choir Over ‘Worldly’ Dance, Dresses

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The General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor Williams Kumuyi, has pummeled female choristers for wearing male coats and moving in the common style at a new campaign of the congregation.
Kumuyi and a few senior ministers were in Bayelsa for the service’s worldwide campaign themed, ‘Full recovery for all through Christ’ where he reprimanded female choristers for their dressing and dance.

In the now-popular video seen by The Nation, Kumuyi communicated dissatisfaction with regards to the female chorister’s method of dressing and way of moving.

He said:

“If you’re Deeper Life choir; when you come to sing at the crusade, don’t bring that worldly dancing into the crusade where Deeper Life is organising.

“And then, don’t bring all that kind of dress that I saw last night, a woman shall not put on that which belongs to a man. When you wear a jacket that I’m wearing now, that belongs to a man.

“When you wear your trousers or whatever makes that belongs to a man and crusade does not mean we should forget where we are coming from.

“Crusade does not mean that we should forget the heavenly vision and we bring the world into the church. It must stop.

“And so you pastors who are here don’t say, I saw those Deeper Life choir ladies, I saw the way they dressed. I saw what they put on. I’m going to go to my church and do that also. Those are incorrigible members of Deeper Life.

“We’ve different categories of Deeper Life members. The people who respect their pastors, the people who love their pastors, and people who accept everything their pastor says.

“They wouldn’t see me sit there and then bring the dancing of the world and dressing of the world, right in my presence and say if I can do it in his presence, then I can do it in his absence. Maybe you can. That’s the nature of incorrigibility.

“But whatever people do to me, whatever people do in my presence, I’ve made up my mind to continue with the heavenly vision.”

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