We Wasted 2020 On COVID, 2021 On Bandits, What Do You Think We Will Be Fighting Against In 2022 & 2023? GENIUS ONLY

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Chai!! Who do we really offend?

I just want you guys to picture this scenery, I have been thinking about what we will be facing come 2022 and 2023.

2020 on COVID

We wasted the whole 2020 on COVID-19 weh really concern us, abi for your mind you think say Nigeria get COVID?

Seh nah the error weh NCDC take cast themself we talk about ni abi wetin? Have you forgotten the day it seems they are tired or not receiving their shares, and they unprofessionally claim they discharged more than 1000 people, something that is unusual?

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I’m yet to see a video of Nigerian suffering from COVID or die of COVID, sebi we all watch the Americans, Chinese, and other countries’ own. Why are they hiding our own?

Let me ask you one question, in your area who do you know that is having COVId-19? Nobody? And they keep telling us 450 new cases today, new cases every day as if those new people were ghosts.

Na just cruise and by GOD grace every thing will be Okay, let say bye-gone is bye-gone things of 2020 has now be in the past.

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2021 on Bandits

2021 everything you will hear is bandits, kidnapping, and cashing out. As a media personality, I am telling you that 50% of news out there is majorly about kidnapping and negotiating.

Before you know it, you will just hear that we are in December 2021 and the only thing we face for the calendar year is Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, and Bandits.

Definitely, they won’t want to use the same pattern to cash out again, they have sense because they know we are watching them in 3D.

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I just want to ask intelligent people

What Do You Think We Will Be Fighting Against In 2022 And 2023?

They fit to come to arrest or kill me for this post, but I will say my mind. As I no be musician, this is the only way I can call them out. we muvvee

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