A truck driver identified as Kazeem has allegedly killed his wife, Raimot, to visit his mother

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The incident occurred the penultimate Monday in his residence in the Agbalagada Adatan complex in the area of ​​Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Sources said the couple had been performing in clashes after which Raimot Kazeem informed his mother. Kazeem was said that his wife had warned against visiting her mother.

It was said that Raimot who previously had a son named Farouk with an unidentified man visited his son who lives with his mother.

The visit is said to have angered Kazeem who told him on his mobile phone Raimot not return home in their own interest to challenge their order against visiting her mother.

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The late yet returned home to Kazeem, who descended upon it leads to a fight.

It was in the middle of the fray that Kazeem Raimot subjected to brutality, dragging on the street until he lost consciousness.

Sources told The Nation that Kazeem realizing the consequences of their action precipitated his breath wife to a nearby hospital, where death has been confirmed.

A source said: ” After a private hospital had rejected Raimot because doctors there said they brought dead, her husband took her to a public hospital in the Ijaiye area of ​​Abeokuta, but doctors again told him to take his body the morgue because she was dead.

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” So far, he had his last wife constantly subjected to beatings and sexual abuse, so much so that his mother had to invite the police to stop Adatan Division. However, he did not stop his embrutecer despite the police warning.

Kazeem was learned that men lied to a police division in Lafenwa, Abeokuta, which Raimot died after she collapsed while fetching water in the neighborhood.

Relatives and neighbors of the deceased however told police that Kazeem actually killed his wife.

It was determined that Kazeem already escaped without a trace, while the remains of the dead have been buried according to Islamic precepts.

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Spokesman confirmed the incident, police, Abimbola Oyeyemi said workers were still on the trail of Kazeem.

” We are still looking for the suspect, Kazeem. He rushed to the police claiming that his wife had an accident. But the relatives of the deceased and sources in the neighborhood later revealed that he was actually allegedly beat his wife to death.

” The error of the family members did was to sound the alarm on display Kazeem instead of alerting the police to stop, causing the suspect to flee. However, we will not relent until you stop it. ”

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