SARS operatives are fully back to the streets in what looks like a come-back with a show of force.

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SARS operatives are fully back to the streets in what looks like a come-back with a show of force.
A few months ago, the #Endsars trended amidst widespread killings of Nigerians by those who were supposed to protect them.
After much protest, sharing of pictures and videos online of the abuse and brutal treatments of Nigerian youths by these mad dogs called SARS, we were told the Vice-President had ordered an overhaul of the squad.
Sometimes last month, SARS guys are fully back this time more brutal and trigger-happy to kill at any point in time. There is hardly anywhere you go now in Lagos and most part of Nigeria where they are not visible.
How SARS Officials Dress
Their mode of dressing revolves around tinting their hair, putting on eating, natives or some tattered looking clothes. They now move around in small buses, usually, white yellow and red.
Once they approach you, they tell you to move into the bus, if you argue with them, you will be given the worst beatings of your life. That is if you are lucky, sometimes it may just be the sound of a bullet in your body.
Hardly can you walk pass any bus-stop in Lagos without seeing them. Once they notice that you are young, they will come after you. It is no longer a question of if you are into Yahoo-Yahoo. If you carry a bag or a laptop, you are their prey. Whether you dress smart or not, there is a high rate that they will come after you.
Once You Dress Well, You A Yahoo Boy
Today, I witnessed two guys who were smartly dressed and on their way to their office picked up in Ikeja by SARS operatives. They were forced into the bus by these wild officers after deliveries of slaps and punches.
These wild police officers have labeled all the Nigerian Youths criminals and Fraudsters.
Not All Nigerian Youths Are Fraudsters
Not all of us are fraudsters or Yahoo Yahoo
Besides those criminals are a few of us who are putting in the hard work, sweat, tears, and pains to make sure we make headway.
But these SARS guys are not ready to listen to that as it is now a crime to own a Laptop in Nigeria, even if you do not own one. You will probably still be their victim.
As technology increases, these horrible and disgruntled police officers want to take us back into the stone age. They see every youth making headway as fraudsters, but that is fast becoming the trait of the black man. He does not want to see the other black man successful.
Most SARS Officials Are Thugs & Criminals
The Nigerian Police, SARS to be precise is an organization that houses criminals, touts, Agberos, and cultist.
If you are a Nigerian Youth and you value your life, please, by all means, avoid going around with your ATM, because they will force you to withdraw money, limit the cash you go around with.
Go with the receipt of your gadgets and by all means do not argue with them. They are more than ready to shoot you at sight.
The Government Won’t Do Anything
Forget about the government, they won’t do jack about your situation. That is the country we all live in. That is how the black man treats his fellow blacks.
Accept it, that is the reality of being a Nigerian in the 21st Century.
Did You See The Video Of The Jiji Robbers?
Did you see the videos of those two disarmed guys who allegedly stole phones, even after putting handcuffs on them, they were shot dead. That is to tell you that you are not safe as a Nigerian Youth as at today.
Your Life is your own, Protect it.
Please note that this post is by no means support for fraud or yahoo-yahoo. The post is a culmination (reverse) of the events I have witnessed in over a month now in Ikeja.
“In My Country, We Know Evil, they are the Nigerian Police.”
The End!
Thank you all for reading.

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