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Our Abductors Were Fulani From Sudan, Mali; They Are Likely Behind Beheading Of People In South-East – Methodist Prelate, Kanu-Uche
The Prelate, Methodist Church of Nigeria, Dr Samuel Kanu-Uche, has said that his hijack doesn’t have anything to do with the Indigenous People of Biafra, adding that the criminals admitted that they were outsiders from other African nations.

The prelate noticed that the abductors told him and different ministers that they were Fulani from Sudan, Mali and Sungai who have been living in Igbo land for a very time and had coordinated into the networks and barely might they at some point be separated from the Igbo.

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Kanu-Uche, in a meeting with AriseTV on Thursday, said he was starting to think that killings in Igboland were not from Igbos but rather Fulani herders.

“He (the hijacker) said he was a Fulani from Sudan that around five of them were Fulani from Sudan; around two of them there were from Mali and one of them was from Sungai, yet that they have lived in Nigeria for a long time. In this way, I addressed my diocesan, the Fulani then, at that point, talked in Igbo that he lives in Umuahia, play football in Umuahia and his folks lived in Umuahia and his dad was a cow vendor – a herders yet sadly the guardians kicked the bucket leaving him and his kin and that he’s the one fighting for his kin.

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“How they treated me didn’t have anything to do with IPOB; it was unadulterated hijacking by Fulani herders on the grounds that their dairy cattle were extremely close and monitored by certain individuals that don’t have anything to do with IPOB and I’m starting to think that these are individuals who cut off individuals’ heads; they are not plainly Igbos, Igbos are not known for cutting individuals’ heads yet they are Fulani kids, brought into the world in Igbo land.

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“You can’t separate them; they went to class here, their folks were huge men dairy cattle vendors, their moms used to broil ‘akara’ we purchased when we were youthful; so they grew up here and coordinated themselves into the general public.”

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