5 ways to be on your gal mind

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5 ways to be on your gal mind and make her want you

Every guy want to be I n a relationship that give them joy and fun. Every guy want his babe to ways have them on their mind, in this article I will be sharing few tips on how to be on your gal mind ?

  1. Always compliment your girl friend
    Every lady love been compliments no matter their age, always compliments your girl friend in the right way this make them feel speciL and It always make them keep you on the mind which make them thinking about you
  2. You have to have a goal
    Since goal is to be on your gal mind you have work on it never get tired of that making someone think about is a thing of process which you to be patient
  3. Don’t Always call nor text
    Once you are too calling or texting someone you lose value because they will get tired of the person she have other th in g to do and think about give her a space let her be when you give a space she will have the time to
    Think about you, she will miss you then she will noticed you truly live her
    4. take things slow
    Don’t rush take things slow with her, if you want your relationship to last long Don’t ever rush your self or someone into it because you will later regret it always take things very slow like a snail.
  4. Buy her gifts
    Once in a while buy her gift, you can even take her out in you will have to be very very generous to her lady love gift and supervises.

Those are some tips you will need to know for now thanks ? dont for get to share with you u r friends.

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