Chelsea could re-sign Edin Hazard as Real Madrid transfer list him

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It’s not like Real Madrid to make huge knee-jerk reactions in the wake of a big defeat, and it looks like Eden Hazard will be the scapegoat this time round.

He might be seen as an easy target because of the price tag and constant injuries that have come his way since his transfer, and it now appears that Real Madrid have “transfer listed” him after the defeat tonight:

Hazard is clearly still a very popular man with the Chelsea support and it looks like the club still has a special place in his heart, so this absolutely opens the door for a dramatic return to Stamford Bridge.

Of course there will be concerns about paying too much to bring him back especially if he does struggle with injuries, but there’s a lot of fans who would happily take him back:

Plenty has been made of his reaction after the game when he was spotted laughing with Chelsea players so that’s also going to be held against him in Spain, so perhaps a return to Chelsea could be great for him and the club.


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