Gist : Five Fact about zymaney

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Wishing you happy birthday from NIGERSUPERSTAR MEDIA


  1. what is his birth name

Most of my fans only know me as zymaney they did not know the name which my parent gives to me. my name is Kabir Abubakar Mustapha that’s was the name which my parent gives to me

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2. why he is called zymaney

My love and passion towards ice prince zamani is so high, so this make my friends to label me with one of his name ZAMANI, so the name goes viral among my friends in such a way that I couldn’t change it so I accept the name, so i change the spelling of the to Zymaney so that i can be different

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3. state of birth

i was born in Suleja Niger state, Nigeria.

4. tribe

in this aspect many people think may be i am igbo boy or a Yoruba boy main while i am Hausa by tribe


5. lastly

i am not just an artist i am next rated superstar

read more about zymaney here

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