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There’s this preacher I celebrate so much. His name is Bishop David Abioye of Living faith church worldwide.

He made a profound statement that I feel everyone should take seriously.

He said *He has achieved so much because he rode on the shoulders of those who have gone ahead of him*

I don’t know who taught us that once you’re married, you don’t need a 3rd party in your home. Wait! What do you call a 3rd party in the first place.

A 3rd party is not an intruder. A 3rd party is not a marriage breaker. A 3rd party is that elderly figure in your life and marriage who guides and instructs you on how to deal with issues in your life.

A 3rd party is that person who has the kind of marital results that you desire. He or she serves as your guide in times of challenges because there will surely be such times.

But today, there are too many husbands who don’t have someone they run to. Too many wives who are having serious issues but do not have anyone to run to.

Excuse me! That’s dangerous o. No matter how much you love your marriage, there are some things that you don’t know and you cannot know unless you talk to those who have gone ahead of you.

What makes you think you can get married and then fix all your challenges all by yourself without someone’s help?

It becomes alarming when couples feel that they can handle their issues on their own all by themselves when there are trusted elders and counsellors out there who can make the journey easier for them.

Why will I want to stress myself when there is someone out there who’s wealth of knowledge can make me a better spouse?

I feel very sad most times when I see husbands who don’t have this 3rd party figure in their lives. I’m shocked when I see wives who are going through so much yet they don’t have anyone they confide in.

See! No matter how big you are, you don’t know everything about marriage. There are some things that God himself will not show you personally. He will show you as you learn to sit under a 3rd party with your spouse. You don’t expect to solve all your marital issues without an external influence.

Ask many couples out there and they will tell you they don’t have a 3rd party they share their issues with. What a terrible state to be in.

My dear couple. Stop struggling and stressing yourselves when you can open up to a 3rd party and get better. Stop doing everything all by yourself because you weren’t created to do everything by yourself.

Drop your pride and be under an authority. Be under someone whom you and your partner share your issues with and you’re sure to get solutions. Stop struggling. Stop making avoidable mistakes.

Wait! What are you scared about? Why can’t you trust others except yourself? Who told you that you can’t trust anyone?

Lemme ask you a question madam… When your husband misbehaves, who do you report him to?
Sir, when your wife isn’t cooperating, who do you share it with?

Or are you thinking you can make your spouse do everything you want him or her to do? You must be joking.

Don’t talk to your family members because they could be bias. Have a 3rd party that is neither on your side or on the side of your spouse. Someone who is neutral.

You have struggle enough. It is time to cast your burdens on the lord and on those whom God has placed ahead of you.

Even singles too must beware of guys who boldly say they don’t have anyone who talks sense into their heads. That’s a ? waiting to explode.

It is time to ride on the shoulder of those who have gone ahead of you so you can do better maritally.

I remain Pst. Jide and I’m the privileged husband of Abimbola Agbeje.

Start looking for your 3rd party now.

I celebrate you dearly. ???

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