Financial intelligence ➡ and financial discipline

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Good day everyone once again.

I’m going to be sharing some stuffs with you today

Today, I wish to make you aware of some things that you perhaps have overlooked over the years and it’s making you financially incapacitated.

I’m not left out too. We are in it together ooo

The only difference is that I have decided to break free from it.
But I don’t know about you sha?
You see now…

I just confirmed that I cannot function well without a power bank. I cannot continue to rely on PHCN to do ministry.

I need to do ministry with or without PHCN.

and to get a good power bank will cost me some money.

Money is very important my people.

I hope someone here gets awakened to see basic realities tonight.
Tonight what I want to share with you can be tagged as *Financial Intelligence*

I think this better captures it well…

Friends, school is good and certificate isn’t bad at all.
However, school was not designed to make you wealthy.

 Financial intelligence is not taught in school.

And so If your hope is in your certificate, then sorry, you missed it.
If school was the main thing, how come the many of the world’s richest men are school drop outs?

Have you checked it?
Maybe you haven’t. Those you are familiar with are the likes of Dangote and bill gates

Lemme ask you this question…

*Who told you that you need to go to school to be a millionaire?*

Some are stuck after school because they didn’t learn what I am telling you now.

They are stuck with their certificate and can’t do anything outside what they read in school.

I want to let you know that your finances can never change with such a mindset. If you allow me, I would say that’s a poor mindset.
 Quote me well please…

Certificate is good. I have some of them and I intend to get some.

But if that is all you’ve got, sorry for you ooo…

You’re not financially intelligent.

Financial intelligence begins with you finding out what you can do to better your life without having to depend on your certificate.

Yes, you need certificate to get some offers. But see, that offer you’re trying to go after isn’t plenty. It’s few. So before you get it, you will suffer.
The rich guys out there are not even nice. They have kept the jobs for their generation to come take,
I hope you know that. where I work, there’s this young lady who shouldn’t be more than 27years of age. She is one of the relations to the past governor of kaduna state. She cruises in a good car and is also doing a masters program with NDA.

Just 2days ago, I was told that she got a job with Kaduna polythecnic.

You need to see this lady ooo… She’s very small in size that I wonder how she would stand in the class to teach because of her size.

But that’s not the issue…

There’s also this elderly man who was telling me how he had been applying for the same job before she was born and he was denied.

So saddening. Her family simply. Pressed some buttons and the job was handed over to the small. Lady.

That’s how it works here in Nigeria.

Before they hand you a job, they must have given the good ones to their children.

So bad
I’m. Seriously against the schooling system of Nigeria he cause it is short sighted and cannot sustain anyone who calls himself or herself a graduate.

There are some of us who are just carrying certificates but were financially incapacitated such that after school, there’s nothing we can really do to become financially independent.

So we have people who go to serve as Corp members only to come after service to become an applicant.

Can you imagine that? 😠😠😠😠
And there are some of you who are ready threading on that lane as we speak.

You get mobilized for service, work or teach in a school for a year, collect allawi for one year and after one year, you’re back to square one.

Who did this to us?
When are we going to be free from this shackles of poverty?
 Have you even thought about the fact that there may be no available job in your area of specialty?


So are you going to remain jobless?

Is there nothing you can do aside what you read in school?

Why limit yourself like this?

Why can’t you begin to think outside the box?

Oh! Some of you are already collecting salaries and you think that’s fine abi?

Have you been in a situation before where your salary was delayed by your employee?

How did you cope?

Weren’t you complaining and murmuring???

But did it change anything???

I once saw a friend who was being owed 6months salary and guess what?

He couldn’t resign. He was waiting for when the employer will pay him. Before you knew it, it was already 6 months.

Then the employer paid him 3months and up till now, he claims he doesn’t have money to pay his balance. Yet this man we talk ahead to have a wedding ceremony for his daughter.

Kai! 😠😠😠😠
 Listen, before anyone pays you 30,000 as salary, you must have given that person 60,000 before the month ends.

Abi you don’t know? Those guys who are employing you don’t have any good plans for you ooo

Now, think about it. What if you were working for yourself? You would have been paying yourself that 60,000 monthly instead of 30,000.
Take a look at this…

It will shock you…

Do you know how many years it will take you to become a millionaire of you’re earning 30,000 monthly?
(Of course I know very well that a good number of people here earn less than 30k. So your case is even worse 😜😜)

To be a millionare with a salary of 30k means that you will have to work for not less than 3 years provided you are able to save the whole 30,000 without touching it.
 Again, how possible is this???

You know that’s impossible.
So there’s no hope of ever becoming a millionaire by earning such amount monthly talk less of earning less than 30k.

So you see?

So it appears as if he only way out is to learn business and investment.

Listen friends, you’ve been spending 5,000 and thinking it’s not money not knowing that 5,000 today if invested, can be worth 50,000 or more in a short while.

Before you spend the next 5,000 ask yourself this question:

 *”do I have any investment?”*

If you don’t, you’re not permitted to spend anything again on clothes, jewelries, shoes, etc.

I repeat you’re not permitted.
This is the same mistake our parents made that landed us in poverty. Yet we haven’t learnt from it.
Yet we want to start repeating the same mistake they made.

Plenty of us are yet to be financially intelligent.

We’re educated, but not intelligent.

We’re always thinking of what we will spend and nobody is thinking of what he or she will invest or multiply.

You claim you don’t have money, but you out on expensive stuffs.

Even if someone dash you the money, must you lavish it anyhow because you didn’t plan for it?

You need to be intelligent ooo…
All these careless spending worn-out investment must stop this year.

You cannot do what your parents did and expect to get a different result. You will surely end up like them unless you change.
That was how a brother went to his pastor to beg him for 18k as balance for bus fees to go to school.

As he sat in the office, the pastor said he looked at the guy’s leg and he discovered that he was putting on a designer shoe.

He asked him how much he bought it and he said 11k.

The pastor picked his phone, called the secretary and go get him a slippers.

The pastor asked this guy to pull the shoe, handed him the slippers and asked him to come back after 3days to come collect his school fees balance.

Guess what?
The pastor went to the market, sold the shoes for 9k, added 9k to it and handed it over to the guy as his fees.

The guy was shocked but it made sense.

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How could he be wearing a shoe that was half of the fees he was looking for?

That’s not intelligence at all…

There are many of you who aren’t intelligent at all…

You are currently wearing your start up capital on your legs…
How could some dash you an expensive shoe that’s worth 15k and you wear it?

Please who are you trying to impress?

How would you buy a phone of 40k and later on be borrowing data from MTN and GLO?

How could you be carrying a phone that is more than all your bank balance out together???

What is wrong with you?

Yes you need a good and big phone. But you don’t deserve to own one until you are sure that you have an investment.
Unless you want to tell me that the phone will be bringing  you money..

Lemme even ask you…

That big phone you’re carrying, how much have you made with it?
[1/16, 9:45 PM] Pastor Gi: You as a lady, you don’t have a single investment or business that brings you money, yet one of your friend who is getting married added you to her bridal train and you spent close to 20k on dressing.

Can’t you see that you have serious issues?

And the dress self is not the kind of dress you can wear any time. It’s a special dress…

How could you spend that much on an attire when you don’t have a single thing you’re doing that is bringing money into your account NO MATTER HOW SMALL?
[1/16, 9:48 PM] Pastor Gi: You wear a very expensive hair style yet you don’t have anything that you’re doing to make more money.

Until we all stop living our lives in impressing people, we will forever become dull financially.

Many of you want to impress your friends.

Excuse me!
Can you stop that?

Many of you want to feel among. What’s the meaning of that?

See! If you don’t begin to look for how to make money, you will soon become a fine beggar.

Don’t shout God forbid o.

Just be intelligent.
[1/16, 9:52 PM] Pastor Gi: If I show you a business to invest in now, you will tell me you don’t have money.

But you’ve forgotten that the needed money for the business is in your house.

There’s something you can sell to get money for that investment. Yes!
Sell it.

Many of you have issues with start up capital but you have a phone worth 30k.

Can you see that you don’t really need any start up capital?

Your start up capital is what you are using to take selfies.

And please, how many people have paid you for those selfies you take and post on Instagram and facebook?

Shebi you see that you are not intelligent at all????

Why don’t you sell that phone, get a smaller one that can give you all that you need and then invest the remaining money in a business venture that will be fetching you money? 🤷‍♂🤷‍♂🤷‍♂🤷‍♂
[1/16, 9:53 PM] Pastor Gi: Friends, It’s financial intelligence that produces financial discipline and consequently wealth.

This is how it works:

 *Financial intelligence ➡  financial discipline and investment business ➡ wealth.*

I think you should read that again.

That’s the blue print to wealth. Nobody ever becomes wealthy without the above factors.

Kaiii, anyone following this?
If you are a lady, you need financial discipline more than guys.

Why do I say so?
The level of competition amongst ladies is high.

A guy can wear is two trousers for six months or even one year and not mind.

But it’s hard for a lady to do that. Now, I am not saying it’s bad for ladies to get stuffs for themselves.

Here’s what I am saying:

If you don’t have investments or business, you’re not permitted to spend the next 1 naira that comes to you.

Think of how to invest it to get something bigger.

Guys too aren’t left out here please…

You cannot keep investing in liabilities and expect to be rich.
[1/16, 9:59 PM] Pastor Gi: *Poverty is what happens when your liability is greater than your asset.*

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If you don’t believe me, keep buying liabilities. In two years from now, you will understand.

Liabilities are simply things you buy That don’t give you money but takes money away from you.

A phone can be a liability or an asset. Some buy phone worth 70,000, just for WhatsApp, and snapchat and Facebook.

That’s liability.

Same phone can be an asset.

Look here!

Your phone can generate wealth for you. Stop saying everything online is a scam. You need to change your mind in 2020.
The truth of the matter is that many of us *many of us have multiples streams of expenditure but we don’t have multiple streams of income.*

Do you understand that?

That is why I’m so mad at my financial status as we speak.

There are too many mouths asking for money.

And so wisdom demands that I increase my dreams of income to be able to meet up with the financial requests coming from left, right a day center.

You cannot sit down with one job a single expect to survive the numerous expenses coming your way.

The intelligence here is that the more the expenses, the more the need to increase the income.

The day that your expenditure begins to overshadow your Income, then you’re in serious trouble.

So instead of complaining, why don’t you do something else that will compliment what you’re already doing now?🤷‍♂🤷‍♂🤷‍♂🤷‍♂

It is called financial intelligence ooo
I need everyone here to note that Systems have already been designed to take money away from you.

Take for instance the Nigerian government just increased the civil servant’s take home to 30k and some of you are already rejoicing…

If only you know how systems have been out in place by the same government to take the money back from the civil servants, you will week for your parents who are under the federal as state government payroll.

The truth is that money can never be enough.

You can only survive this earth is if you have more channels that is bringing you money.

That’s the truth ooo

You must design your own system to get money else poverty will knock at your door.
[1/16, 10:14 PM] Pastor Gi: So friends, we all need to start thinking investment and stop eating what enters your hand.

Lemme tell you something…

There is no such thing as careless money. Money cannot be careless. It is you that can be careless about money.

Those monies you never planned for but it entered your account, instead of spend it, look for something to tie it down with.

Something that can be bringing you money no matter how small…

At all at all na him bad pass ooo…

Stop spending money because someone just sent it to you. That kind of money is for business. Start thinking intelligently please

Think of the future. Don’t live just for today.
[1/16, 10:16 PM] Pastor Gi: If you eat tommorow’s food today, you will starve tommorow.

A word it’s being said is enough only for the wise…

It is time to do things differently.

Don’t joke with this year.

Take charge of the year and let God bless your hustle
Like I said earlier, my assignment tonight is to stir up a consciousness within you…

When we meet in our next class, I will be showing you where you can find money to do whatever you want to do.

Many of you have great ideas but no money.

Many of you have good projects at heart but you don’t have start up capital.

I will be showing you where you can get money from.

And this source has never failed. It has always worked.

Money for business is somewhere with someone and I want to show you how to get there and get the needed money for doing business.
[ I think we should just close for tonight…

It’s being a long time here.

It is time to wake up our financial intelligence capabilities so that we can be able to do all we have to do financially.

I remain your brother Pst. Jide Agbeje.

I love and celebrate you dearly.

Cheers!!! 😍😍😍

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