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For an artiste who had been consistent for years and had released hit song after hit song, the disappearance of Dancehall artiste MzVee from the scene for nearly two years was a big worry to her fans.
And while all kinds of stories were written about why she was off the public scene, the most important thing to focus on now is that she has announced her comeback and that is great news.
In an interview with Graphic Showbiz on Monday, January 6 at the Afrikiko Restaurant, MzVee, who said she took time off to deal with depression, disclosed that she had returned to music because of the love she had for her fans.
“I actually came back to continue music because of my huge fan base I care about so much. I love my fans to bits and they are the reason I am back. Had it not been for them, I would probably have stopped music entirely,” she said.
Sometimes you need to go through certain things in life to make you a better person and MzVee, whose real name is Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda, said she was in a better place after battling depression for two years.
“I am a better MzVee now having been able to deal with whatever was troubling me. I thank God I have cleared my mind and I’m ready to begin from where I stopped.
“I almost gave up on music and stopped everything around me but I am back. I am refreshed and a better MzVee now,” she said.
MzVee also revealed that she was aware of all the theories that came up about her absence, some of which were really bad, but the one that amused her the most was that she was pregnant and needed to hide for a while.
“I couldn’t just believe Ghanaians thought I was pregnant. I was never pregnant, I had a lot going on in my mind and I needed time to clear them and I’m glad I have now,” she said.
Asked what she missed about the music scene, MzVee said she missed rocking the stage. “I miss jumping on the stage and the fans screaming my name,” she stated.
Last year, MzVee and Lynx Entertainment, the label she had been on since her career began, parted ways and she told Graphic Showbiz that she still had a lot of love for her former managers.
“I actually gave up on music due to what I was going through. I just wanted to stop everything around so I left music and not Lynx Entertainment because I love the record label with all my heart. Right now I am trying to go easy on myself and take things cool,” she said.
Known for songs such as Sing My Name, Daavi, Borkor Borkor, Natural Girl, Rewind, Abofra and Come and See My Moda, MzVee is announcing her return with a brand new song titled Sheriff.
Sheriff talks about stress and how one can come out of whatever is troubling him or her and become stronger.

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