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Television personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso says men who show interest in her end up running away.

According to her, the same people who ask her to get married later send messages to men who show interest in her and that pushes the men away from her.
She made this known when she was running commentary on her show “The Delay Show”.
On the show, she acknowledged that she’s ageing but was quick to add that she intends to give birth when she is 40 years of age.

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“When I was looking at Majesty’s photo, I asked myself, ‘Delay you are on TV showing people’s children off? Now you are 37-years-old when are you also having your children?’”
“I urge you all to give me three years; when I am 40-years-old then I will also have a child because now I am busy chasing money to showcase it to God”
She said; “People will come on social media and say ‘Delay, why are you not married?’. Then you meet someone you really like, a Ghanaian guy you really like, then these same people asking why you’re not married will send messages to the guy asking if he can handle you. That they should look for their ‘size’”.

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