former mentor Biodun Fatoyinbo Speak allegations of rape against COZA Pastor: “You can not help someone who wants to be helped

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Two former mentor Biodun Fatoyinbo, senior pastor of the Assembly of the Commonwealth of Zion (COZA) spoke in defense of Busola Dakolo who accused the pastor of raping her twice when she was 16.
Pastor Olotu Busola of Deborah Girls Ministries International (Dodim), and the pastor of Emmanuel Oset spoke Canaan Church a.k.a Champion ministries facilitator veteran Adesuwa Onyenokwe Arise on television.
While Olotu was a mentor, Oset other hand, was once the spiritual father of Fatoyinbo who ordained officially in the ministry in Ilorin before the pastor moved to Abuja.
In the one-hour interview, the duo revealed that tacitly Fatoyinbo would have had a history of rape allegations when he was in Ilorin.
Read excerpts from their interview below:
According Olotu, his relationship with Fatoyinbo began after the latter sought him to honor him during one of the programs that his ministry had in Ilorin.
She said: “He appeared as a friendly young man who was trying to be in the ministry; I pulled him to his wife. At one point, he left Ilorin, but he did not tell me “.
In the silence of the Christian body on the Dakolo question, she said:
It is unacceptable and I am personally disappointed that people who are Christians to make noise about it but the Christian body is as silent as a grave yard. There must be a stand. This question can not be swept under the carpet. We can not pretend that we are deaf and we are blind to it. This does not glorify God.
Unraveling how she came to know the case Dakolo she said:
In 2011, a young woman joined the ministry and its name is Funmi Ayeni. She gravitates towards me as a mother and we became close. She shared deep things with me.
In 2011, she entered my office and was agitated while she was offended. She said that it is my younger sister, Busola and was confronted with deep psychological challenges since something happened there in his years.
I asked what happened and she said her sister was raped by a pastor. So many emotions ran me well because I am a mother and a pastor. She said since then his life has not remained the same. I asked who was the pastor and she was a little hesitant, but she mentioned later Biodun.
At that time, there was in Ilorin and I did not even know where he was. What was going on in my mind was what could have possessed a man of God to do this. To be quite honest, to connect it was hard for me because it was not what I thought hear.
She said her sister was the best in their home in terms of all-commitment to God and that it (Funmi) felt responsible because they made him start attending church.
I went through so many emotions and I could not marry the same Biodun I know what I heard. She called Busola the phone and even on the phone, she was really in trouble. I could hear on the phone. She asked why it happened to him. She was not married then.
Olotu said the psychological trauma took its toll on Busola as she had problems getting into a relationship, as she always had mood swings.
But that was not all. Olotu said as part of his ministry, she treated rape cases since Busola opened in 2011, and at least three of them, she worked with the same allegations against Fatoyinbo.
She said it was regrettable that there was no way to prove if they are not ready to face the pastor. She said:
I see all these broken victims, but they are not faced with the pastor. They feel abused, traumatized and afraid to let people know. Some of them are married now and they have not told their husbands and they do not want their family on the media. There are those who are single and they ask that the marriage if
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