If dybala is second messi and Neymar is second ronaldinho, who is c. Ronaldo?

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If Dybala is Second Messi , Neymar is Second Ronaldinho , Who Is Second C .Ronaldo ? (Football Fans Only )
Posted by OluwaFemi on September 6, 2019
In football, everyone wants to be the greatest.
That is the sweet thing about the round leather game. The competition is crazy and once you are a star, every other player wants to be like you.
Lionel Messi is one of the greatest footballers in the world and Dybala is learning and trying hard to be like him, just like how Neymar is slowly becoming the next Ronaldinho .
But who wants to be like C. Ronaldo ? That is the Million Dollar Question we want Naijalodities to decide
If Dybala is Second Messi, Neymar is Second Ronaldinho, Who Is Second C.Ronaldo?
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